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Amrit Sweets

Amrit Sweets is a new brand which was created in order to satisfy the most demanding palates.
We specialize in baking baklava type sweets from the Middle East.
Our cookies are baked every day , exclusively from fresh and natural components. All hand decorated, baked according to the oldest recipes so that every mouthful of sweets is a taste of heaven.
If you are searching for sweets to have at home, to enjoy excellent taste with the family, or for special occasions... we invite to us. A wide selection of our sweet offer will satisfy the most picky palates.
5.00 zł
Arabic Sweets

Arabic Sweets (0 g)

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Package 250g

Package 250g (250 g)

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Package 350g

Package 350g (350 g)

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Package 450g

Package 450g (450 g)